Trust in the Face of Adversity

Here is a story for everyone to read:

Today in salon we had a beautiful girl come in with beautifully long hair looking for an ombre, just another day at the office in our world. After about 10 minutes of applying foils we started to notice them heating up incredibly quickly and becoming uncomfortably warm to the touch. This left our stylist with a stack of foils in some lovely long locks that were now at risk of producing severe damage to the clients hair. At this point our Stylist goes over the client's hair history again with them in great detail; asking if there is Henna Dye in there, do they have well water at home or if they are taking medication which could attribute to this?! The only thing that stuck out was that the client used Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

Pantene is known to contain a heavy array of parabens, plastic and silicones which, when it comes in-contact with a bleach or hi-lift color, causes a chemical reaction which is known to potentially melt off the build up. As this layer of product melts off and continues to heat up it creates a very hot liquid, which melts the hair it is coating and can cause a severe burn of the skin if contact is made.

Needless to say, the stylist determined a way to monitor the reaction, wash and refoil as needed - thank goodness for Olaplex is all we can say!! We were thankfully still able achieve a stunning overall look and our client left happy with beautiful hair!

At our salon, every single one of our Stylists is looking to get to know our clients as well as possible, so we can help them make informed choices about their hair. Previous colours that have been done and the products used at home have a huge impact on the condition and ability to achieve results with someones hair. Our Stylists are miracle workers but at the end of the day there is no magic wand to produce an unattainable result. 

When our stylists recommend products for at home use we consider everything from the level of maintenance someone is willing to do, what suits their lifestyle, the type and condition of their hair, the mineral buildup that occurs from our waterways and the varied environments they are exposed to. We understand some people view this as us wanting to "push" our products, but the only reason we carry the product lines we do is because we believe in them, we know what's in them and how they work.

The products and treatments used in salon have been carefully selected to suit the community and clientele we have, so please know we have your best interest at heart. If you have questions we would love to answer them and we understand if you decide to choose another product or decline from purchasing what we carry.

Our only goal is to help you protect and maintain the hair you spend your hard earned money on!

- Love and hugs, your Elevation Ladies

Stylist Jess Tucker

Stylist Jess Tucker

Posted on April 8, 2016 .