Love yourself a little more

Love is a beautiful thing.

It sweeps you off your feet, elevates you, grounds you, centers you and blows you away all in one earth shattering, invisible motion. It is the reason we check our phones every five minutes, knowing full well there is no message or missed called, for fear of losing touch or missing a connection and keeps you locked in your bedroom, avoiding the world all together.

Love starts from within and cannot exist, grow or ignite unless you love yourself. Our most important and identifying traits stem from being loved. Confidence, trust and courage all come from the same roots as love and cannot flourish without it.

Once you have found love you are free to challenge yourself, conquer your fears, follow your heart, be spontaneous, adventurous and driven. It gives us the faith we need to listen to our intuition, to our soul. Allow yourself to have no regrets with this courage, take everything as a blessing or a lesson, or both. Know that every experience you have adds value and perspective to your life.

Start with your soul and your mind, balance your energy and your play. Project the person you want to be, the person your heart knows you are.

Spend every day happy.

Posted on June 19, 2015 .